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Package stores are crowded with hundreds of options – the right label helps get your beer, wine, or spirits stand out on a crowded shelf.

Beer, Wine & Spirits Overview

Great looking labels get your products noticed

Perhaps even more so than other categories, consumers shopping for beer, wine, and spirits tend to be very conscious of product labels. A beautifully designed and informative label will help communicate the essence of your brand to the consumer. Western Shield can help you utilize Cold Foil and specialty materials to convey that premium vibe to consumers.

Look no further than the craft beer movement to see the branding potential that exists in this category. There’s no longer just a few items to choose from, and as such, the importance of branding and labeling has dramatically increased.

  1. 01. Craft beer labels
  2. 02. Custom beer labels
  3. 03. Custom wine bottle labels
  4. 04. Spirit labels
  5. 05. Clear on Clear
  6. 06. No Label Look
  7. 07. Metallic Films & Cold Foil Stamping
Interesting tips

How to create a label
that can help grow sales

Whether your product is an Oak Aged IPA, a Californian Pinot Noir, or an expensive bottle of tequila – the label needs to be memorable, reflective of the brand, and communicate all needed information. Western Shield has over 40 years experience and the capabilities to create a label that will improve your brand’s position.

01. Distinguish your Beverage

In the alcohol industry, branding is sometimes seemingly the only difference between a $50 bottle and a $10 bottle. Consider embellishment options such as Cold Foil or embossing to help your label stand out from the competition.

02. Materials

Choosing the correct material in the beer, wine, and spirits segment is crucially important. You’ll need a material that will hold up under a wide variety of conditions–our team is here to help. We know the right questions to ask to ensure that your label isn’t peeling off at the store.

03. Convey Relevant Information

Display all FDA mandated information, in the manner that makes the most sense. With the craft beer movement, there’s plenty of additional information and branding that need to be highlighted through labeling.

Western Shield has the technological know-how and expertise to make your labels stand out from the competition. From start to finish, we guide every client through the process and make recommendations on materials, adhesives, designs, and more.

Make sure your product doesn’t get left behind. Don’t lose out to the competition! From artistic and trendy, to simple and low-key, we offer a wide range of materials and customization options to help your items stay on top in the category: Contact us today.