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Quenching a customer’s thirst is only half the battle. With the wrong look, your label may put the competition’s drink at the checkout counter – instead of yours. We can help translate your artwork and branding into a beautifully printed label–sure to attract the eyes of the consumer.

Beverage Overview

Western Shield will help you produce beverage labels that
generate sales

For decades now, Western Shield has helped big name brands and entrepreneurs alike find the right mix of practicality and design to produce beverage labels that generate sales and promote brand loyalty. Whether it’s bottled water, juice, or vitamin drinks–your label is the primary means to communicate with the consumer.

Here are some questions to think about when designing and planning your beverage label.

  • What are the conditions in which my label will be applied?
  • Do I need a special type of adhesive?
  • Will my product need to be refrigerated after being opened?

Our application experts are here to guide you through the process. We look forward to speaking with you!

  1. 01. No Label Look (Clear on Clear)
  2. 02. Screen Printing
  3. 03. Rich Opaque Whites
  4. 04. Cold Foil Stamping
Interesting tips

How to create the perfect beverage label

Similar to food labels, beverage labels must often provide Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulated information. This information is in addition to the goal of grabbing consumers’ attention. Nutritional facts, ingredients, storage requirements, and product warnings are the minimums. To stand out, you’ll need your labels to communicate the standard information while also grabbing a consumer’s attention from the shelf and/or webpage! We can help!

Our Applications Experts are standing by to help you create a beautiful, functional label that will help grow sales!

01. Adhesives

Make sure you’re using an adhesive that will hold up to your application and storage conditions.

02. Liners

Make sure to ask your co-packer what type of liners are needed for their label applicating equipment.

03. Cold Foil Stamping

Cold Foil Stamping is a great way to create a unique labels that will stand out on a crowded shelf.

04. Recycling

Ask about our green material options!

Western Shield has the technological know-how and expertise to make any soda, juice, or water bottle label look top-of-the-line. From start to finish, we guide every client through the process and make recommendations on materials, adhesives, designs, and more.

Make sure your beverage leaves the store in shoppers’ hands. Don’t lose out to the competition. From artistic and trendy, to simple and low-key, we offer a wide range of custom-made beverage labels to help drink manufacturers stay on top in the beverage category: Contact us today. We’ll help your beverage land in more grocery store carts.