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Consumer Packaged Goods

Your brand is your product’s personality. Is that uniqueness shining through in your label? If the answer is ‘no’, your products may have difficulty standing out on a crowded shelf!

Consumer Packaged Goods Overview

Labels that take you from a crowd of 100,000 to 1

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that “…consumers are now facing up to 100,000 different items in superstores.” Not surprisingly, marketers are scrambling for ways to differentiate products amongst this sea of competitive brands on the retail shelves.

With over forty years in the label business, Western Shield knows that product packaging is the single-most important driver of differentiation, recognition, recall, and brand preference. We’re experts at using multiple printing methods and technologies (flexographic, screen, digital, cold foil, thermal printing) combined with premium facestocks (clear films, holographic, squeezable films) to create labels that compel consumers to look at, handle, and purchase products. Our household and consumer goods labels are made to get results


There’s a reason why we’ve been around this long. See for yourself. Request a household products and consumer goods labels packet today, and discover how Western Shield’s state-of-the-art labels take products to the top of their categories.

  1. 01. Clear & White Film Labels
  2. 02. Conformable Films for Squeezable Containers
  3. 03. Expanded Content Labels
  4. 04. Cold Foil
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We can Help you Produce labels that
stand out on a crowded shelf

The consumer package goods space is among the most competitive of all segments. A beautifully designed and printed label will help convey your branding. This is why you spend so much time designing a label that’s both informative and aesthetically pleasing. That’s where we come in. We take your carefully designed artwork and translate it into a beautifully printed label.

01. Adhesives

Make sure you’re using an adhesive that will hold up to your application and storage conditions.

02. Cold Foil Stamping

Cold Foil Stamping is a great way to create a unique labels that will stand out on a crowded shelf.

03. Expanded Content Labels

An Expanded Content Label (ECL) is just the thing when you have lots of information to convey in limited space. Use an ECL to make sure you’re listing all relevant regulatory information while still keeping your branding front and center.

Western Shield has the technological know-how and expertise to help you construct the perfect label. From start to finish, we guide every client through the process and make recommendations on materials, adhesives, designs, and more.

Make sure your product leaves the store in shoppers’ hands. Don’t lose out to the competition! Our Application Experts will walk you through all the latest options on recyclable materials, metallic inks, digital printing options, and much more.