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Health & Beauty Aids

Health and beauty aid products are all about looking and feeling great. Making this impression with the consumer starts with a great looking and informative label. Our Application Experts can guide you through all the material, adhesive, and embellishment options and help you design a label that reflects your branding. Call today to get started.

Health & Beauty Aids Overview

Upscale labels create brand experience, command higher margins, and drive shelf traffic.

With access to the most popular label materials, varnishes, and overlaminates on the market, Western Shield offers an array of looks and feels to give health and beauty products that extra something special: clear-on-clear, soft-touch, matte finish, satin, and no label looks. There are so many options to choose from, we can walk you through what makes sense for your branding and product.

Request a sample. Once you touch and see our custom creations, we’re confident you’ll feel comfortable trusting Western Shield with your next health and beauty aid project.

  1. 01. No Label Look (Clear Labels)
  2. 02. Screen Printing to Add Texture
  3. 03. Metallized & Holographic Films
  4. 04. Expanded Content Labels
  5. 05. Smaller Personal Care Packages
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Create a label that
grabs people's attention

Health and Beauty labels must often provide Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulated information while at the same time effectively communicating your branding. Western Shield can help you effectively navigate this tricky terrain! To stand out in a crowded marketplace, you’ll need to accomplish all this and more. We can help!

Our Applications Experts are standing by to help you create a beautiful, functional label that will help grow sales!

01. Materials

We’ll help you select a material that’s well suited to the product container. We’ll also make sure that your label can stand up to potentially difficult conditions! We know the right questions to ask to ensure maximum protection from the label applicating process all the way through to when you product is actually being used by the consumer.

02. Adhesives

Using the proper adhesive is essential. Our team has a checklist of questions to ensure that we match the correct material and adhesive to your product. We take the guesswork out of the process!

Western Shield has the technological know-how and expertise to make your Health and Beauty product labels stand out from the competition. From the very beginning of the process to final printing, we guide every client through the process and make recommendations on materials, adhesives, designs, and more.

Make sure your product leaves the store in shoppers’ hands. Don’t lose out to the competition! We will walk you through options on unique materials, metallic inks, Cold Foil, and much more. We’ll make sure all your hard work on branding and design translates perfectly to the final printed label! Still have concerns? We always invite our clients onsite for press checks. Review color in real-time and see your label printing on press.