FDA Requirements for food labels

We talk to a lot of entrepreneurs who are getting ready to launch a brand new food product.  Whether it’s home-made salsa, bbq sauce, or a delicious dessert….there’s one question on everyone’s mind:  What information does the FDA require us to include on our food label?

As label printers, we get asked this question the all time.  When it comes to printing, we’re the experts.  When it comes to FDA requirements, not so much.  Fortunately, we’ve found a great company in Laguna Hills, CA that specializes in helping small businesses navigate their way through FDA specifications.

The name of the company is Nutridata and we’ve referred many customers to them over the last few years.

So the next time you’re thinking of bottling up that home-made salsa, give these guys a call and they’ll help you figure out what needs to be on your label.  After that, give Western Shield a call and we’ll handle the printing!!  Just make sure you remember us when your salsa is being sold at every super-market across the country!!