Food Labels

Designing an eye-catching, yet informative food label is no easy task.  Obviously, the required FDA information is the first thing companies consider when designing a food label.  In reality though, that’s just the beginning.  If your label is only communicating the necessary regulatory and ingredient-related information, you are probably losing out on opportunities to increase your sales.

Product labels in general represent one of the best opportunities to communicate with your customers…this holds doubly true for food labels.  A consumer walking the aisle of a grocery store could literally have 20 options for their salsa, mustard, etc.  A nicely designed, well printed label is definitely one of the factors that can influence purchase decision.

A label is representative of your brand and, as such, should communicate the same brand attributes that are focused upon with your advertising, promotions, etc.  A poorly printed or designed label will leave consumers wondering about the overall quality of your product and may lead them to put your competition’s product in their shopping cart.

So be creative.  Design a label that’s aligned with your brand objectives.  Use an Instant Redeemable Coupon (IRC) to communication a special offer (if that’s applicable).   And, most importantly, find a quality printer that can translate your artwork into a great looking label.