Instant Redeemable Coupons

Looks like the economy is finally starting to rebound…great news for everyone!  One thing that’s likely to stay true even during the recovery though is that consumers are more apt to look for good deals.  Coupon usage is up, but the modern consumer doesn’t have time to clip paper coupons out of the Sunday paper.

One innovative way to communicate a great offer to a consumer is through an Instant Redeemable Coupon (IRC).  An IRC is  a pressure sensitive label that’s affixed directly to your product packaging.  You can use it to offer a coupon, mail-in rebate, or any other type of discount.  The powerful thing about an IRC is that you’re communicating with the consumer right as they’re preparing to make a purchase decision.

Check out for some interesting tidbits on coupon usage.  What’s clear is that increased coupon usage is here to stay…IRCs provide an innovative cost-effective way to stay on top of the trend.