Sometimes, customers call us looking for a yet-to-be defined solution to a labeling problem they are experiencing. Kenny Ridgeway from NutriBiotic had a situation like this a few years ago. Kenny had a lot of information that he needed to communicate via the label. The problem was that the label itself was very small and had to be a unique shape in order to fit the bottle. We knew that an Expanded Content Label was the way to go. Here are Kenny’s thoughts about getting this project off the ground:



“We decided that an expanded content label (ECL) would work best for us since we had a lot of information that we wanted to communicate. So we called around-spoke to several printers and kept getting the same answer: ‘Sorry, but we can’t design an ECL to fit the shape of the bottle.’

By the time I spoke with Western Shield, I was wondering if we would be able to do the label at all. Well, they were fantastic from day one. They immediately started working with me to find a solution and developed an ECL that was not only aesthetically pleasing but communicated all the necessary information to the consumer. They were always quick to return my calls and, in general, made the whole process easier than I could have ever imagined.

We’re pleased to say that NutriBiotic has now been a customer of ours for 4 years and counting. And that’s not to say that there haven’t been some bumps along the way. Recently, they were looking for a new ECL to fit a 1oz bottle, the typical specifications for such a label didn’t work well and we experience some serious flagging. Flagging occurs when the label doesn’t adhere properly.

From there, our manufacturing team did some extensive testing and research and were able to narrow the core problem down to the size of the bottle. Once the problem was diagnosed, we specified a more aggressive adhesive for the label and the issue was resolved.

In general, we believe it’s our combination of technical knowledge and focus on customer service that differentiate us from the competition. We’re proud of our work with NutriBiotic and we look forward to working on unique ECL solutions for them for many years to come.