The Chef in Black Chinese Dressing Labels

We were recently fortunate enough to print some labels for a new customer, The Chef in Black.  Dorene Humason, the Owner and Founder of The Chef in Black, worked in the food industry for over 25 years before striking out on her own a few years ago.  Seems like a successful venture as her products can now be found in over 1300 grocery stores in California and Nevada!!

A few months ago Dorene got in touch with our Director of Business Development, Mike Hartman, looking for labels for her traditional and fat free Chinese dressings respectively.  We’re happy to say that everything turned out great, the label looks great and, of course, the dressing is fantastic!

We relish the opportunity to work with gourmet food companies as they expand their distribution.  Definitely try the dressing when it makes its way to your local grocery store!