Tulkoff Food Products

We have had the privilege of working with Tulkoff Foods since 2007. They first contacted us looking for labels for their sweet horseradish product. Since then, we’ve developed labels for well over 30 different types of food items including chopped garlic, salsa, BBQ sauce, and salad dressing. Many of these products require labels that will withstand wide temperature ranges and are laminated to protect against oils, liquids, etc. Alec Tulkoff notes “Whatever the application, Western Shield has produced labels that withstand the ‘elements’ and look great.

We have worked closely with Tulkoff over the years to meet the needs of a co-packer with whom they work. Tulkoff produces many items that are then packaged and sold under other brand names. In many instances the first orders for these products are for smaller quantities, what we in the label industry call ‘small runs’. We’re happy to work with Tulkoff and their co-packers in producing the small runs that are sometimes required as a new product launches. In fact, Tulkoff Foods has referred well over a dozen customers to Western Shield over the years.


“Alec is always willing to send us new customers because he knows we’ll take care of them. We provide each new account with a dedicated customer service representative and easy access to ship dates, order status, and art questions.”
– Mike Hartman, Western Shield’s Director of Business Development.