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In the bottled water market, consumers know what’s inside the bottle. The label is what makes the difference – and Western Shield is here to help.

Water Bottles Overview

Brand with Custom Water Bottle Labels

Over the last few decades, the bottled water market has erupted. Bottled water is now the second highest selling beverage in the United States – with more sales than milk, juice, beer, or anything other than carbonated soft drinks. The sales and popularity of bottled water is very much dependent on the branding, which is communicated most directly to consumers through the label.

Western Shield has the technological know-how and expertise to make your bottled water labels stand out from the competition. From start to finish, we guide every client through the process and make recommendations on materials, adhesives, designs, and more.

Make sure your product leaves the store in shoppers’ hands. Don’t lose out to the competition! From artistic and trendy, to simple and low-key, we offer a wide range of materials and customization options to help manufacturers and co-packers stay on top in the category: Contact us today.

  1. 01. Alkaline Water
  2. 02. Mineral Water
  3. 03. Sparkling Water
  4. 04. Spring Water
  5. 05. Flavored Water
  6. 06. Screen Printing
  7. 07. Clear on Clear (No Label Look)
Interesting tips

A Water Bottle Label that
stands out

Because the product itself is clear (it’s water!!), water bottle labels offer lots of avenues for creativity. You can use a clear on clear look, cold foil, screen printing, or many other means to create an eye-catching label that sets your product apart from the competition.

Western Shield has tremendous experience in this market and can assist from material selection to adhesives. Call our Applications Experts today for more information.

01. Rich Opaque White

When using a clear on clear look, an opaque white must be printed ‘underneath’ in order for the artwork to be visible against a clear material and background. Western Shield has tremendous expertise in this area and can assist in artwork design.

02. Brand your Product

In the highly competitive water bottle market, an eye-catching label will help your product stand out on the shelf. With up 10 color capability as well as screen printing and Cold Foil, we’ve got the right solution to help your product stand out from the competition.

03. Liners

in the bottled water industry it’s doubly important to understand the specifications of your label applicator. Trying to apply a label with a PET liner on an applicator that requires a paper liner will lead to big trouble! Sound complicated? It’s not. Our team is here to guide you through the entire process.

At Western Shield Label and Packaging, we consider the bottled water segment to be one of our specialties. We’re familiar with every type of application and potential stumbling block under the sun. Test us out! Call today to speak with one of our team members.